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Benefits You Should Know About CCTV Underground Sewer Pipe Inspection

Sewage and other pipes are some of those unseen but vital wonders of our modern world. Their health and integrity determine the cleanliness, safety, and sanitary status of a home or property but you so rarely get to easily see how they’re actually doing. If trouble is literally brewing inside a pipe, it’s easy to miss until things become critical. This is where CCTV sewer inspection can enter the picture for your next project.

Because it’s so difficult to follow many sewer pipes and other tubing as they run beneath and around a property you’re working on, damage can build up until your clients are suddenly beset by disaster.

Once this happens, you can be blamed for not having noted the problem earlier. Furthermore, finding the source of the damage or destruction can present all sorts of difficulties on its own when being done under pressure. Ideally then, simple prevention is a wise choice that can save the property owner money on enormous potential repair costs caused by unnoticed pipe problems.

For all of these use cases, CCTV pipe inspection cameras are an exceptionally useful choice for your next home inspection and construction project.

What is a CCTV Pipe Inspection?

The process of CCTV pipe & sewer video inspections is exactly what it sounds like. Professional inspectors participate in your renovation or inspection job and feed Closed Circuit Television Cameras (CCTV) with live video capacity through a property’s sewers, pipes, and other tubes such as gas lines.

The cameras are usually fed into the piping at the end of a little crawler vehicle attached to a long cable, or at the end of a stiff cable that’s then pushed for hundreds of feet through smaller pipes. As they move and record, these tiny devices shine a light on the interior surfaces of piping and discover cracks, blockages, or other sources of damage.

技师提供这个服务就可以的fer you a color MP4 video of their entire exploration, also offering voice-over explanations of what’s been found and photos of problematic areas.

Using video pipe inspection is usually very simple in its implementation, but incredibly useful at discovering hard-to-see damage before other work is started.

How a CCTV Pipe Inspection Can Help You

CCTV pipe inspections are useful in so many ways, starting with their efficient capacity for saving you a great deal of additional contracting work. Here’s how they can help:

They’re Extremely Affordable

Compared to traditional methods of pipe examination, which can involve breaking walls, digging holes, and cracking concrete or mortar, CCTV explorations are extremely non-invasive. They can be conducted rapidly, thoroughly, and with no damage to anything else. The sheer savings they provide can be tremendous for work projects and against future work warranty issues if a problem is actually caught ahead of time.

CCTV inspections localize repair efforts

In many underground pipe leaks and backups, the part of a pipe that’s actually damaged or blocked might be extremely small compared to its total length. Through a pipe inspection with CCTV cameras, you can pinpoint the exact locations of blockages, cracks, or ruptures with high precision and focus your repair efforts only on them. This means tremendous material and labor savings by avoiding pointlessly invasive, time-consuming repair or inspection work.

They Let You Keep Your Inspection Costs Minimal

With a CCTV pipe examination, you only need to cut into gas, water, sewage, or another pipe through no more than one or two different narrow entry points. The rest of the work is done by the camera inside and without the need to rip up a property owner’s lawns, bushes, floors, and walls.

Save Client Properties from Disaster with a Few Ounces of Visual Prevention

The potential damage that a sewage or water pipe can cause is almost limitless. Missing deteriorated pipes can be at risk that leads to situations like severe foundational water rot, further pipe corrosion, flooding, waste backups, and sanitary disasters. In the case of gas lines, leaks can literally be explosive and put your entire project at risk.By scheduling a CCTV pipe examination for the property you’re working on, you can simply and affordably forestall the possibility of all these catastrophes with a single appointment with a technician.Contact C Below todayfor a consultation and inspection that delivers rapid findings.