Cole Avenue Storm Drain

Downtown Night Shot 700x460 1 - C Below | Subsurface Imaging

Client: Webb AssociatesDate: January 2013 C Below provided Utility Locating to determine the horizontal location of all underground facilities within the proposed alignment of the new storm drain pipeline in Riverside, CA. In order to achieve this task, C Below used an Electromagnetic Locator, Handheld GPR, Ground Penetrating Radar, Ram Rods, and a Transponder. The […]

Wilshire Rapid Transit

Google image 31 - C Below | Subsurface Imaging

Client: PsomasDate: January 2013 C Below potholed 10 locations at various destinations of the Wilshire Bus Rapid Transit Project. C Below’s Project Engineer constructed City-approved Traffic Control plans that were utilized by the technicians in the field to ensure safety and efficiency. We also attained all appropriate permits from the City. C Below was able to […]

Port of LA Berth Rail Yard

Google image 2 700x460 2 - C Below | Subsurface Imaging

Client: PsomasDate: April 2015 C Below was hired by Psomas to provide a Utility Investigation of all existing utilities where the client was looking to Trench or Pothole at the Port of Los Angeles Berth location. By doing the Utility Detection upfront, C Below saved the Port up to $10,000 by eliminating unnecessary potholing from […]

Port of Los Angeles

Port of La Google image 1 700x460 1 - C Below | Subsurface Imaging

Client: C.A. Rasmussen, Sukut Construction, Shimmick Construction, and Griffith CompanyDate: January 2014-April 2014 C Below was hired to perform a massive 228 acre, (combined) Utility Investigation and Mapping effort at the Port of Los Angeles over the course of five months. The project included CCTV Video Pipe Inspections of all sewer and storm drain lines […]

Sony Picture Studios

sony pictures studios - C Below | Subsurface Imaging

客户:索尼影业EntertainmentDate: 9月2014-Present C Below was contracted to provide Sony Pictures Studios with a site map of all currently existing underground utilities. The scope of services on this project included: Utility Locating with Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) and Electromagnetic Location, Potholing, and Utility Mapping. The client was given a 2D map depicting […]

City of Anaheim

City of Anaheim

Client: Psomas LADate: March 2014-April 2014 C Below was hired as a subcontractor to Pothole (32) locations in the City of Anaheim. The potholes were indicated and directed by our client who was hired to provide street widening on the crossing streets of Ball Road and Anaheim Blvd. C Below performed Vacuum Excavation methods to […]

N. Santa Monica Boulevard Reconstruction

160949360 - C Below | Subsurface Imaging

N. Santa Monica Boulevard Reconstruction Client: Psomas LADate: June 2016 The Santa Monica Boulevard Reconstruction Project is planned to break ground in September 2016. The City Council-approved project design includes reconstructing the roadway and upgrading the century-old drainage system. C Below was contracted by Psomas LA to clear and mark out existing utilities for multiple utility […]

Port of San Diego 10th Ave. Marine Terminal

Port of San Diego - C Below | Subsurface Imaging

圣地亚哥港第十大道海洋终端客户: San Diego Unified Port DistrictDate: June 2016 C Below was contracted directly by the Port of San Diego to complete a comprehensive utility investigation on the 10th Avenue Marine Terminal. Many upgrades are being planned in the area and the Port wanted C Below to map […]

Southwestern College | Chula Vista

2014 10 08 Executive Update ML 16 - C Below | Subsurface Imaging

Southwestern College | Chula Vista Client: Michael Baker InternationalDate: August 2016 C Below Subsurface Imaging completed Utility Locating services at Southwestern College in Chula Vista, CA. Our Locating crew cleared a trenching path for our clients’ proposed sewer alignment on campus. A Survey crew picked up the markings and depths of the utilities to create […]

Ontario High School

Ontario High School

Client: Chaffey Unified School District | Tilden CoilDate: January 2013 – March 2013 The Chaffey Unified School District hired C Below to provide a full Subsurface Utility Investigation of the Ontario High School campus, complete with cross-referencing as-built utility information and colloquial evidence. After the locations were marked, an aerial survey was done to provide […]